4 Ways You Can Support Teachers in Central Iowa This Fall

4 Ways You Can Support Teachers in Central Iowa This Fall

We are so happy to be able to support teachers and this is why we are offering them 25% off all printing for the month of August. Keep reading to find out how you can support teachers in Central Iowa this fall. 


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Donate Classroom Supplies

Help teachers in Central Iowa out this fall by donating classroom supplies.

They often use their own money to purchase these supplies, so donate generously and take some of the financial burden off teachers. 


Stay In Communication

Partnering with your child’s teacher is a great way to provide support to both them and your child.

Help make sure your child is keeping up with assignments and reach out to the teacher if there are any important issues they need to know about. 

Help Your Child Practice At Home

By helping your child practice their schoolwork at home, this makes life easier for their teacher and allows them to help the students master each subject. 

This could be reading, multiplication facts, or any other simple tasks. 

Read Newsletters And Emails This Fall

Stay up to date with what is going on at your child’s school and classroom. 

Be sure to check their planner to guarantee that they are getting their homework done in a timely manner. 


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