How to Spice Up Your Menus

Menus can make a huge difference in a restaurant or bar! They are the eye’s to the food some may say (okay, maybe no one says that…), but they ARE the first look at the amazing selection that is being offered! No matter what your menu is for, it’s important that it represents your items and brand well! 

Color Characteristics

Coloring adds so much to a menu, and can really be the main ticket to representing your brand! Colors also offer a fun element, as they usually can have a small effect on how people end up feeling. For example, some common colors that make people feel hungry are orange and yellow. The color red is also known to make people feel the strongest emotions or “passion”. Think about combining these (if they fit your brand of course) and see what happens! 

Delicious Descriptions

No one wants to guess what they are eating or drinking! Make sure your menus leave no room for imagination by being straight forward on the decadent ingredients. Tip: Less is more! It’s important to be descriptive, but also not overcrowd the design or the reader with too much information.

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At Home Menus

So many people these days are starting to create bars in their home! We think that bars are a unique way to host guests, and show them your top favorites! If a full menu isn’t quite your style, try showcasing your most loved drinks for them to choose from. Not only will that take the stress off your plate buy having supplies already prepped, but it is sure to impress! 

Let Us Help With The Design! 

We love to help our clients design! If you’re looking for any tips on how to recreate or spice up your menus, don’t hesitate to reach out! We also offer tips on printing and paper options to make sure you are getting exact what you want!

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