How We Show Our Iowa Nice

If you're from Iowa, you might know about the concept of “Iowa nice.” Now, if you’re not from Iowa, we certainly hope you have heard of this concept before (or at least can feel it now!)  Here at Copycat prints, we think it's essential to incorporate this idea into our business practices. We are happily located in central Iowa and know that most of our customers are Iowans as well. We want to make sure that “Iowa nice” is always part of your experience with us. Here’s how we plan to do it: 

We Have a Personalized experience at every visit

Need any help on deciding what printing options to use or design elements? Our team is here to make sure your specific order needs are met. Your order has importance to you, meaning it has significance to us.  

Our Staff is Here Along for the Ride

Let us help you every step of the way.

During each ordering process, we ask our customers to email what they would like printed to orders@copycatdm.comFrom here, our team will get back to you with a quote and will be able to assist you with any further questions, changes, or advice!  >> Related: Use this link to check out all of our services and how to contact<< 

Loving Local in Des Moines 

Let the world know when you are open for business.

As a local small business, our customers will always be the top priority. The experience of online printing from larger businesses just doesn't compare to the local quality!  Because of this, anyone who shares their experience and posts “Printed locally at Copycat Prints” will receive 10% off their next order.  

Price Matching any Walgreens Price this Month! 

We want to give back to our community and loyal customers. This month we are price matching to any Walgreens price on canvas prints. Shop local and decorate your home or event all in one.  

Prints, and So Much More from Copycat Prints

Do you have a project you want to bring to life?  Contact us via our website, Facebook, or email.  We are here to make memories and spread your message.

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