Three Essentials For Your Small Restaurant

Three Essentials For Your Small Restaurant

Essentials For Your Small Restaurant | CopyCat Prints


Embroidered Polo Shirts

CopyCat Prints can customize polo shirts any way you need them for your restaurant! With an array of different styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect shirt for your employees to wear. You are able to insert your restaurant's logo that can then be embroidered onto the shirt so your workers are looking uniform and well put together on the job!


Name Badges 

Name badges can help restaurant goers and other workers determine who is who. We provide metal, plastic, magnetic and aluminum name badges that can have your restaurant's logo and employees name printed on them. Name badges show professionalism and can be a great addition to work uniforms at a great price.


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Table Tents 

This December, we are offering 10% off to restaurants for any essentials they may need for their restaurant. If you are a restaurant owner, consider table tents as an essential. Not only can they spice up the middle of a table, it can be a great way to showcase offers for the month or featured items on the menu.


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