Welcome to Tim’s Tuesday Tip’s!

Welcome to Tim’s Tuesday Tip’s!

Howdy! I am your host, Tim from Copycat! 

Each week I will be providing tips about design and printing, as well as some other fun tips and tricks! 

Tim’s Tuesday Tips is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to use Copycat for their printing and designing needs, as well as anyone who wants to explore their creative side to make their own prints and designs! 

Tim’s Tuesday Tips are not just going to be boring blog posts either! I will showcase what Copycat has to offer through various forms of media such as social media posts, videos and more! 

Keep reading to see what Tim’s Tuesday Tips will entail:

Let's start with printing!


Printing is basically what it sounds like..printing designs on paper, or other media.

Throughout these weekly TTT, I will go over different tips on how to send files, set up files, and more to make your printing experiences seamless and easy. There are different parts of the printing process, starting with Pre-press. 

Don’t worry about the terminology, everything will be covered throughout the upcoming weeks! 


Prepress and postpress

Pre-press and post-press are where all the file preparation and finishing happens! I will go over different steps and give tips on how you can make your printing experiences easier.


I will also give tips on different types of paper, and when to use each kind. Say you want to make a postcard one day, and then a wedding invite the other day, and then a brochure a few days later! I will go over the best choices for media and types.


Design is the fun and creative part of the printing experience! I personally love designing items of all kinda - from business cards and wedding invites to social media posts and logos. After a few of my Tuesday Tips, I hope you will love designing as much as I do! Here are a few parts of designing, that I will cover throughout my Tuesday Tips:


Typography is the use of fonts, and how to pair fonts, and make your documents nice and pretty, or tough, depending on your target audience.


The layout is pretty simple…it is the part of design where you layout images, text, and media to best convey your message, or display your artwork!


Colors are what make your fliers, business cards, and logos POP! I will be going over which colors look best together, as well as other aspects of colors such as color psychology!


Finally, I will be going over different resources you can use to help make your designing and printing experiences fun and helpful! Resources I will be going over include online design sites to help you make your own files, and even sometimes print your own files at home!

If you are still reading, congratulations, and thank you! As you can see, Tim’s Tuesday Tips will cover a lot of topics that will be helpful for anyone who is looking to use Copycat as their printing and designing resources as well as anyone who is looking to dabble in the design and printing industry themselves. 

Stay tuned for more Tuesday Tips, every Tuesday by Tim!

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